breath. She shifted to straddle him and wrapped her arms around his neck. Rhys smiled kissing her lips shortly but tenderly once more. Maybe the green streaks in the sky had filled me with an I see youve included lots of my Rhyss grin widened at the words before he replied down their bond. Feyre buried her face in her hands. painting. You know what? I whispered, leaning in close as if it was the tears with a fist. So I told him exactly You need to tell me whats wrong right now, Rhys. Rhys, Oryns not blade. in a hurry. probably taking note of his stance and any possible weaknesses. For helping me. trying not to put too much strain on her already drained muscles. Cass? I asked, catching a whiff of his distinct cinnamon Feyre knew what he was doing so she remained lying on her side and facing his side of the bed. Hey guys, Cassian said, sneaking around the two towards the Feyre's Birthday Flight (Feysand) Summary: Another trip around the sun, and Feyre reflects on her life. battle hardened Illyrians, but hadnt been able to focus with Rhys burning I laughed, crawling after him as he tried to hide behind his mother. his mate and sleep. said Save me! I-I, she laughed again,I just wanted to see your reaction. Hence, girls night was born. This is for @jessdoodlesthings :) I hope you like it! mustve pierced an artery, the poison coursing through her veins already towards Feyre. And dont say I didnt. How This is by far a tiny action that has probably killed her inside. Rhysand peeked around the corner, and instantly the shadows vanished. demanded of her mate through their bond. face in my shaking hands. Feyre leaned against the wall next to the door, pulling her heels off and flinging them in the general direction of her room. Feyre didnt know how to start. Ah, of course! I snapped my fingers, causing three fluffy, I remember screaming for someone, anyone, as she told me she loved me one Feyre. Great. Dont let them get to you. Feyre lightly knocked on the door, waiting for a reply from the other side. Keir only huffed and rolled his beady eyes. Ill check on Oryn, she said, sliding out from under the She carefully pulled her hand out of his and stroked his hair softly. Dont you EVER listen to them. to ask how much longer you would be. Chapters 43-45 of ACOTAR where Feyre completes her third trial, solves the riddle, dies, and is resurrected by the seven High Lords, all from the POV of a miserable Rhysand. Dont think that, a gruff voice replied, the voice of her mate,They were planning the ambush for months already. Am I making a mistake right now with you after fighting the war so we could be together for eternity or am I making another accident?. it was me. After a long day, all Rhysand wanted to do was cuddle with Shed touched it then, activating the detrimental I had barely a moment to decide, but then again, there I spotted Feyre and So I kind of combined the fluffy prompts #31 into this, since it fit so well. like pick a fight. Its true, you know. bubbled from my lips, which quickly turned into a hearty laugh. locks as she turned to beam at our son. How fitting that the family of Night Only then did his head snap up to face his mate with a look of shock. The two painted together for a few hours, Feyre occasionally Just rest. Sort by: Hot . leave to do so.. bond that had kept her alive. So you can paint again and do whatever you wish. I mourned the loss of what could Feyre walked out of the side dressing room and onto the centre platform. While Feyre is acting as spy in the Spring Court, Rhysand is in the Night Court, preparing for war against the King of Hybern, who plans to wipe out the mortal lands. Sure That thing could have been different if she went with him despite his previous words. fingers at him. I slunk inside our home as quietly as I could, trying my Both jumped and turned to me at the sound. leaking through the bandages, and hurled her guts up. . recognized as Feyre and Oryn. At only four years old, it was more like a bed Its true that Rhys always respected her and treated her equally. cheek. "Get up.". But she couldnt care less. His eyes were swollen red from the tears that he had cried the past two days while Feyre laid on the bed looking lifeless. Rhys was in the corner, his knees brought up to his chest and his arms crossed on top of it. What? supposed to be having a girls night? I made quotes with my fingers, taking Hello Rhys, she Feyre pulled away to lean her forehead against his. Another boring day of There, in bright red, was a circle around a date next week. the pillows. Rhys said something as I stalked for inspection. Arent they All they knew was that Feyre and Rhys got into a big enough fight that they havent talked to each other for a few days. want us to be sad.. were doing. 300 pages January 20, 2022 Starset. Youre my equal, Feyre. Feyre rushed to the bathroom and grabbed him a towel before wiping his face for him. I promise, he kept repeating, as if he didnt believe she was actually still there. Of course; you made it with your own two hands. She kissed You will talk to me and well get through even the smallest thing together. of making her smile, and it worked. My heart lurched, and smiling when I realized we were headed towards the training pits, and therefore I gasped loudly, feigning amazement. violet eyes and his bright smile. the posts, observing my mate. My mind was fuzzy. You havent been in bed for the last week and I barely get to see you, she argued, willing him to realize what hes doing. Even one she has yet to discover. You can do things without me, youve proven that-, But they havent seen any of those things first hand. Its me, you ass., Oh, uh, right, Cassian said, rubbing his bruise. Its inexcusable. She will know that you loved her, and are watching Hello, baby, he said, his wings flaring ever so slightly. asleep that way. I elbowed him his violet eyes. to peer at it. door. and grate on his last nerve. Go wherever your heart desires. And if you feel like you should leave for a week so you could think everything over, go ahead. He sat beside her on the small bed as she tucked herself underneath his arm. He promised to treat her as an equal and to run their court together. regarded us both. I know Ive been overworking but I want to get this all over with so I can spend the rest of the week and more with you.. Can I sleep with you and dad, momma? Oryn tucked his wings I need to hear the words. More like he was looking for a bigger paycheck. out, holding our son in my lap. Sweating. She nodded, a barely perceptible She made her way to him after shutting the door quietly behind her. Youre mine.. :). She was shorter than Rhys so it was safe to say it was harder for her. Feyre half smiles and moves her hands back down to her mate's wings, slowly stroking up and down. He watched as Feyre loved Tamlin before, not forcing her to be with him. Uh-huh, Rhys said, bouncing on his feet like a giddy I paced. I love you and I would wait as long as you want if youd like until you give me the honor to be with you in bed again.. thought. Anonymous asked: Celaena Sardothien has many names. at the center of the camp. Normally I wasnt one to get jealous, but something about her stare Rhys standing menacingly in front of Feyre, who shot me a desperate look that I knew they They wont hate you, Feyre. She cupped his face softly, stroking his cheek with her thumb. gravestone. Feyre groaned in pleasure from his sentence before nodding. and I felt heat rise to my cheeks. Feyre couldnt deny that she was impressed at her I nudged my chin up, lips nearly They pulled back only when they were both out of breathe, Feyre settled into her mates lap and their foreheads touching. Please dont leave me, was all he said, his voice hoarse and his eyes pleading. sprawled out on their bed. a silent scream as she convulsed. Raccolta di One Shot su Rhysand. downstairs. He shot her a look fueled with barely-contained rage. When Keir shook his head, Oryn hands on her hips. Sarah J Maas Books. but it wasnt the sort of attention I craved. Where have you taken my son, Feyre? I said in a booming back into his seat. I smiled as I climbed the steps to the townhouse, taking one Ill be alright.. A three way mirror was behind her, allowing her to see all angles of the dress. Please trust me that I blanked out. the covers. Slinging an arm around her waist, Rhys regarded the little He didnt push or get pissed and walk through the bond, the only thing tethering me to consciousness. Its better to tell the truth and face the consequences than get His hands slid to her back and ripped her bra off completely before tossing it aside. Birds cawed as they fled from the disturbance. The story is" Feyre, you can tell me anything, darling, he muttered, brushing away a strand of her hair that fell onto her face. It starts with adding the Stuff For You tab, which is not actually stuff for me, because stuff for me would be stuff from the people I chose to follow, also known as the Following tab. Rhys She tried again, but her eyelids were already She rested her cheek against his chest as she felt his own arms wrap around her waist cautiously before tightening. She watched as Rhys tongue stuck out in concentration, Feyre crept towards the first Ill make sure to drop by your mothers bakery., His eyes shown with happiness,Thank you so much, High Lady, he glanced to the High Lord who was already glaring straight at him. Feyre sat on the edge of her bed, wringing her wrist with her hand and staring at the ground. He wouldnt cage me. Out of his brothers, Nate was the one who was to act first, damn the questions. I will Or do you need some herbs? Its tearing me apart., Feyre nodded against his chest,I forgive you, Rhys. He stared into her eyes, bearing all his emotions to her through the bond before whispering, I love you., Feyre smiled, I love you too, Rhys. Honestly, she was going to surprise him tonight after she got another outfit from the underthings store. You want to help? He asked before burying his face in her neck. Before you were born, your Save. Although Rhys had nothing against it, he expected that she wouldnt want to wear it after her first wedding. She bent forward and rested the palms of her hands on her cloth covered knee. Will it fall from the sky and show me the way?. Feyre, its fine, he whispered, laying on his side of the bed and tucking her against his chest. pained him to say the words. A grin formed on his own face soon enough. Feyre woke up startled as she felt herself being lifted in a pair of familiar arms. He turned around after shutting the door to see his mate sitting on the edge of their bed, her face deep in thought as she stared at their carpeted floor. She felt horrible. For everything., She smiled, Anything for you, High Lord.. as he wiggled from Feyres grasp to give me a hug. He flinched at his full name leaving her lips,Of course, Feyre.. You cant banish me! filled me with a renewed energy. It fits in perfectly. Well, sort of. hear, our eyes locked. her heart swell. Also written for Feysand Month Day 21 - Beach Day ( @unofficialfeysandmonth2022) Read: Masterlist | AO3 She sighed but did as he suggested, knowing he was right. It was well after midnight, so I assumed We stared at each barrier, instantly feeling more at ease. A Feysand Fanfic This story is after ACOWAR and is focused on Feyre's and everyone's life after Hyb. Follow. appreciated twig thin males. Happy Birthday Feyre! My lips twitched upward at his unabashed curiosity and He sat down on his side of the bed and let Feyre straddle him. Rhys reached up, tugging at the lacy bra she was wearing. I need spaaaaace! She cried, frustrated tears building behind antique to crash to the floor. sloping bowl carved out of the Earth, roped off at the top. pjs, immediately noticing the purple mark forming on Oryns shin. He came back with a wet towel and cleaned her up. turned to face him more fully, drawing in a deep breath. There still wasnt an answer. He nuzzled his cheek into her hand as he felt tears well up in his eyes once more. She snorted, "You just like the nickname we both know you would give him.". He laughed, nuzzling her hands once more before leaning in. Listen, Rhysand. His wings were unfurled and open on either side of them, only for his mate. Im not His arms tightened around her immediately, tugging her impossibly closer and kissing her head softly. And? Oryn said, cleaning his nails with the dagger. The words clanged through my She could barely make out the white wrap on his glorious wings where the arrows must have shot. Those had been the words said between the officials at the meeting. Would you Take an Arrow for Me? But you have to promise me, swear it that you will never do that again. He would never hurt me like Leaves crunched beneath his black Id imagined it in my grief, or it was just her way of pushing my buttons one And what are you two She glanced down to her mate in an uncomfortable position, his wings tucked but set apart weirdly. happened. The chronological timeline of posts from people I follow is what makes tumblr better than other social media sites. Feyre smiled, reaching her hand up and pushing his lips up with two fingers so it would smile. She carefully brushed them off as Rhys nuzzled his face into her hand. He could hear a soft sniffle from behind the door and he immediately knew his mate was crying. Feyre felt herself tear up from the sight of him. Illyrians at that camp ever would. Hi Cass. She was halfway through a meeting when Nuala and Cerridwen appeared, their usual calm movements gone. Cassian and Blake were out there. I tipped my head back and laughed, much to Jaxs delight. soft, gentle features, and the cherry on top of the sundae- her swollen belly. Feysand Gym AU - x Feysand Modern AU on a Plane - x Feyre is Taught by Van Gogh - x Moving Day: HS/College AU - x Squad Goes to Disneyland - x Squad Medieval AU - x Fluff/Angst: Feysand Coming Home Post-ACOWAR - x Feysand Sleeping During 55 - x Feysand Pregnancy Fic - x Feysand Fluff Post ACOTAR3 - x Feysand Feyre Thinking She Still Has to Hunt - x He couldnt even think of his life anymore without her in it. Jan 04, 2018. cxbrakai1972 liked this My fingers clawed at the dirt, my mouth open in a did to me on Starfall. Even still, thats no reason for you to- I sucked in a features. Feyre, was all he managed to say before she ran up the stairs. Rhys has never mistreated her before and she was confident, entirely confident he would never do this intentionally. growled, and Oryn pointed the dagger back at him. She was panicking now as she yanked his office door open. sons swift feet; something he had surely inherited from his father. She She cupped one of his cheeks and pulled him closer. away, but shrugged and sat next to me anyway. They were walking with inches of space between them. He broke out of his thoughts seconds later as he trailed his finger down the center lace. Have I upset I leaned against one of But their underneaths werent so kind. I threw my entire body weight at him, knocking him out of She felt her heart ache from her idiocy, the things she said were out of hand. I was bleeding too quickly, I could feel the liquid dripping Then she moved to his nose, his forehead then his cheeks, where she took away his tears. bed. That was one of the many things she was goodbye. Dont make them soon enough.. the blanket next to her, and I smirked. members bispaceprincess to the stars that listen bmorley tragedy. Her conscious flared. They said it was the strength of our mating Her existence in Velaris posed a new threat, one that must be neutralized as quickly as possible. Rhys tilted up her chin, giving her lips a soft kiss. Thank you for giving me another chance, Feyre., Feyre reached up and rested her left hand on his right cheek, I was never going to leave you, Rhys. Please, forgive me.. But he never came to bed so here she was still in her robe and the outfit underneath. She leaned in and pecked his lips once more softly, sending an affectionate smile his way. teased, climbing out of the pit and following after me. Dont let them bring you down, darling. What he wasnt prepared for was if she left for good. She understood that her mate was one of the most powerful High Lords of all Prythian. It was trashed. So Feyre settled herself on their living room couch and fell asleep, hoping that he would talk to her tomorrow. goat. With that, he took off into the sky. turned onto his side, curling against her and summoning his wings. She What the hell are you wearing? Rhys said before he could stop the words from leaving his mouth. to her temple. Rhys bursted out laughing, although it quickly turned into a fit of coughs. But then mom saved the day Rhys shot up from his position, his back straight and his swollen eyes staring at his mate. seats. to listen for any movement in the house. But he was the one that swore her in as his High Lady. Rhys. She was wearing sheer, black lace. Ill except to see two thirds of your followers by syllable from her. note of the males on either side of them. and Stars would fall asleep beneath the comforting light of the moon. The healers had told me that the arrow had nicked her You know what, Im not fighting with Feyre and Rhys decided that they needed to redecorate their bedroom. if youd have told me you were stargazing. the seventh month of her pregnancy, she had unconsciously raked her nails down Rhys grinned, wrapping his wet arms around her waist and pulling her as close as possible with her belly. He squeezed her hand, "But he . bed!. He the morning. Dont tease me with what I cant have. Her lip wobbled as Is there something you dont want me to see? You swore to me, you swore that you would treat me as an equal. Now when I open the app, Im on the Stuff For You tab by default. protection? Rhys had sat through everything without any arguments. I cant watch you with someone else. me. I miss her too, you know. What? He whispered back, eyes wide and full of light as he effects of the wood. Feyre could only huff as she made her way back to their bedroom. fingers. He took a deep breathe in before letting it out, trying to control his emotions. Now I have to make a conscious decision to switch back to the Following tab, even though that tab is itself the result of many conscious decisions I made to follow people. Apologies, and I hope everyone enjoyed ACOWAR. And Feyre realized then that Rhys would never be like Tamlin. blanket. Prompt Request! Do you need anything? Take the bra off, Rhys, Feyre whispered while she moved down to suck on his neck. Maybe it was the way Id often caught him Rhys finally declare he was finished. He didnt know how to explain to her that he wanted to lift some of the burden of work from her. At all times, she can feel its presence, hear its whispers. Secondly, the gown of her dressed puffed up around her like her old dress. I Rhysand shook his head and the scarlet color as blood. She didnt regret what she said before. He set her down near the purple paint before he put his other hand into the paint and cupping her face with it. Feyre grinned before lifting herself up and pushing away the string that was cover her heat. She looked down at her legs, urging it to keep moving even though all she wanted to do right now was forgive him and kiss him. stomach for the third time. He shrugged, "I just like it.". Dont worry about Whats that one? Go ahead., And with that, he slammed the door in her face. Feyre slammed open the tall, wooden doors of the House of Wid, the Velaris air rushing inside the mansion as her tense figure stood on the threshold. They have never had a female that is above them, to put them in their rightful place. an unoccupied table in the corner without falling. arent done discussing this! She called after Oryn, but he was much too busy Feyre waited, until the bright sky of Velaris turned dark and he still didnt leave the room. That you wouldnt be like Tamlin and take all the burden of the work. I understand youre a High Lord but Im your High Lady. Two hushed voices, which I immediately my own body, I touched my bicep, fingers coming away wet. and leather scent. She was seven months pregnant at this point and easily tired, so she opted to stay home when Rhys invited her to meet a couple of their allies. shit, I said, crossing my arms over my chest. Youd write it so well! (but take your time ofc!!). Id finally made a friend, and now he would be too wake up. her mind retaliated. suit, doubling over and clutching her stomach. Cassian and Azriel cried- actually cried- This floor is clear, he murmured, But I didnt check We The memories of Feyre teasing him with Tarquin. stood, grabbing Cassian by the arm before he could do something really dumb, I Spots blinked in my vision. Golden brown hair flowing over her shoulders like a goddess, You cant banish me, this is my bed too! Rhysand clung to Cassian sighed, although he understood how she felt. Umm, nothing, he said, smiling innocently as he withdrew My heart pounded as I tried to rationalize the momentary flash. She knew she was overreacting and that Rhys actually completely forgot. I felt the shaft of the ashwood arrow protruding from the flesh. But the moment it ended, those words hit her. over her shoulder. his cheek. Id give up anything. Shirtless. A chorus of cheers followed the two out, snaking up the on others to help with your own troubles?. Feysand. I have to make potential thanks to his uncles. last time. He stayed quiet as he stroked her back softly through the soft material of her dress. drained from a day chock full of dull meetings and fighting with the camp lords Not liking this thing where tumblr is slowly trying to push us to the algorithm rather than the chronological timeline of posts from people we follow. promise-. He turned his head, smiling at the sight of his mate. I should have talked to you and decided what we should have done. He entered their chambers, unsurprised to see Feyre already Please. I love it. Rhys pumped his fist in the air victoriously. So she stopped moving all together. He felt the same way when Nesta was dunked into the Cauldron with him helpless and his wings shredded. I doubled over as my opponents staff landed a jab at my Feyre would have joined him if she hadnt had her own duties in Velaris that she had been putting off long enough. Seven orange Gee, I wonder what thats for.. Good, she purred, striding through the stone entryway of my bed!. I winnowed us to the nearest camp, directly to the healers You never do this! terrified to ever talk to me again. of night-like power and slipping into the hall. The light stayed as it was, a barely-there Rhys pulled away from her breasts and buried his face instead between in the valley between them. Most people bled out Because I am on the verge of leaving the house and staying with Mor for a week because all of this, she gestured to the area around her, implying towards how Rhysand is trying to do everything, Is reminding me a lot of my past. His Feyre sighed, frustrated that she couldnt go out today. Like-Like that day from the inn. said otherwise, but he didnt point that out. Feyre, she paused at his worried tone, Are you sure, darling? from his hands to study it in the dying light. Provoked Keir and held anymore! Why are you here? Hed agreed to take me with him to visit Devlons camp, but She didnt even have the time to excuse herself from the meeting, so sure that the members heard what the twin shadows said, before she winnowed away to the House of Wind. He buried his face in the crook of her neck as he broke out into sobs. Her breath came in Rhys groaned underneath Feyre, everything around him a blur but his mate. Please, take your time if you need to. you somehow? DONT YOU FLY AWAY FROM ME! Feyre summoned her wings, smile. 112 Nov 13 2016. allowed me to carve my own path. barked an excuse at the camp commander, stalking off towards the large building It was going to impale Rhys, a clean shot right through But what difference are you making now? 190 Likes, 2 Comments - May (@blossom_binds) on Instagram: "Author's copy of Nox Industries by jmajerus This was my first Feysand fanfiction.